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We help brands engage intelligently with businesses and consumers. Our model strategy is to start with any available data to gather insight and set metrics. Only when we have established ‘truths’ can be fully confident in tackling the messaging and the best channel mix.

case study


Dunlop Tyres primarily manufactures tyres for both motorsport and consumer sectors.


Motorsport aficionados were not being nurtured through a structured programme. Journalists and dealers were also not fully aware of Dunlop's impact upon motorsport, leading to weaker ROI on investment in sponsorship of championships or riders. It was unknown what level of engagement was attracted by current campaigns.


The Frank Agency identified the weakest links in the chain converting motorsport followers into fans: lack of follow up personalised contact and not using the most appropriate delivery channels.

Removing the costs associated with print in favour of creating digital solutions enabled communication frequency to be increased, allowed the delivery time to follow on shortly from races, piggybacking on the increased interest shown by motorsport followers at this time. Email and interactive PDFs were chosen as the first route of delivery, with further simplification and concentration of effort into the most effective areas determined by the data.

B2c average unsubscribe rate is 3% - InTouch currently stands at a very healthy 0.2% indicating strong relevance of content match with subscribers. This shows that there is a clear and continued engagement with the data set that is being broadcast to.

The click through rate is high - a click through rate of 5% is seen as competitive, and InTouch exceeds that comfortably.

The client's view

Andy Marfleet

Moto Marketing Manager EMEA

Whatever we need they always go that extra mile for us. As well as being a nice team to work with, they share a passion and understanding for what we do - they have become a real extension of our team. They've helped us understand the need for a more targeted approach to our marketing, and sharpened our focus on measurable return on investment."