Fresh Market Catch.

What could we do for an ambitious family-owned business producing the finest smoked salmon, trout, and gourmet hampers looking to expand internationally? They already had products in boutique stores and supermarkets across the UK but wanted our help to break the US market.

Rather than use a ‘spray and pray’ approach to finding a US distributor, we identified one person who could open all doors – a procurement VP for a major seafood wholesaler. We knew that impressing her would lead to her becoming a brand ambassador to her retail network. So, we enlisted Michelin-starred chef Mike Robinson and created an immersive, personalised film. Then installed the film on a tablet set in a bespoke oak chest. We then shipped this, alongside supporting literature, tasting notes, and chilled samples, to the US. Hand-delivering a personalised gourmet experience right to her door. She was blown away, took the bait and began distributing Inverawe products into major retailers across the US. We’d nailed the brief hook, line, and sinker.

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